Core Wisdom Yoga Philosophy

Currently we offer Gentle Yoga at Core Wisdom. We encourage wakefulness and presence within a pose, not the achievement of a pose itself. Our teachers begin with the gentlest version of the pose while also offering more challenging variations of the same pose, so all levels are accommodated. Detailed postural alignment, somatic awareness and body intelligence are all part of yoga at Core Wisdom.

Gentle Yoga focuses on mindful slow movements to increase strength and flexibility. Each class will include movements to increase core strength as well as range of motion in the spine, hips and shoulders. Mindful breath work and longer held yin style poses will also be incorporated for a restful experience to nurture the nervous system and create an overall sense of well being.

Develop strength, flexibility and skillful action through clear, informed and discerning wisdom. Conscious awareness of one’s physical, emotional and spiritual self is nurtured through the practice of yoga postures. Class size will be kept small to insure each student receives personal attention.