SATYA Workshop

Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement (SATYA).

SATYA movement is very mild and can create powerful change in your tissues. This is done by utilizing non-force techniques; sliding, gliding and rocking movements; and joint and myo-fascial mobilization. SATYA gently works with the fascia of the body to repattern and gain flexibility and mobility. This sets up our muscles into a more supportive shape that supports our structure with greater ease.

This SATYA workshop emphasizes on building greater sensation and proprioceptive awareness. By increasing our capacity for sensory awareness, we become more connected, more present and awake beings. By Training the field of our sensory-motor system, by listening and developing a more receptive mind, we tap into the body-mind’s innate intelligence and capacity to heal.

All bodies are welcome in this gentle yet powerful workshop.