Pilates for Men

Pilates addresses what men need as they grow older - overall health, balanced strength and flexibility and control of their bodies. Joseph Pilates was a cigar smoking boxer and gymnast who developed his exercise regime first and foremost for men. He trained the Hamburg police and the German army wanted him to train them.

Pilates is designed for ALL men - the athlete, the sedentary man and the injured man. If you are an athlete you will enjoy the natural cross training Pilates provides. Pilates will heighten your coordination, balance your strength and flexibility, and sharpen your focus.

If you are a sedentary man, you’ll find Pilates a welcoming challenge due to it’s natural movements. You too will improve your strength and flexibility and in a short time begin to see dramatic results. Joseph would say “In ten sessions you will feel a difference, in twenty sessions you’ll see a difference and in thirty sessions you’ll have a whole new body.”

If you are man with an injury you will realize the rehabilitative power of Pilates. All exercises are performed with control and done in a methodical manner. Every exercise can be modified to give one more support or more challenge. No matter where you are in coming back from an injury, Pilates can help you to the other side.

Pilates counteracts the damaging effects or aging and of work related repetitive postures and patterns. Pilates improves posture.

“Pilates in and of itself was designed as a complete system and is alone enough to get in shape, maintain a healthy fitness level, and excel to higher standards of fitness.”

*Copy from “The Complete Book of Pilates for Men” by Daniel Lyon Jr.
“I started Pilates after my stroke, in order to increase exercise as well as improve my core strength. In addition to the stroke, I have scoliosis, so I have had back and neck problems my whole life. Since starting Pilates, my back is much stronger; I don’t throw my back out nearly as often, or nearly as bad. My balance is also much better, which was a problem after the stroke.”Greg. K
“When you share your Pilates experience with a broader group (ladies and gents), most men look at you with a quizzical eye and ask; I thought that was a woman’s sport. When I share with them the benefits I gained from my part-time endeavor they then start to realize, “Maybe I could benefit from this strange practice of strapping my body to this apparatus and bending, contorting and stretching it in ways only the Flying Wallendas would appreciate”. The misconception of Pilates is the battle that every Pilates instructor encounters. I am coming back to Pilates due to on-going and nagging lower back issues that were non-existent while enrolled in Pilates but have re-surfaced since then. In addition, I must get ready for the golf and dirt bike (motorcycle) season to ensure I stay injury free. I need to re-gain my flexibility that helps me stay competitive on the golf course. Thanks Kim!” Gregg
“I came to Pilates because my wife convinced me that it was much more than simply lying on a medieval torture table called the reformer and waving my legs around. I had worked with a very good trainer for years on core strength, but was looking for something new. I really liked that Pilates combined movement, core strength and flexibility. The first few months were a challenge. I never thought I’d be able to touch my toes or fold myself into a V-shape. Kim is the best teacher: smiling, energetic and encouraging and always willing to suggest something new and challenging. After a while the table routines became easier, and again I was looking for something new and challenging. Enter – the chair. I really like the seemingly limitless number of exercises and variations. Sometimes they feel like dance movements, sometimes like gut busters, and sometimes they’re scary. I feel Pilates has really helped me on balance, posture, core strength and flexibility. Kim and Core Wisdom have kept me interested in learning more. As for sports heroes, I think mine is now Joe Pilates.” Jerry