Pilates Class Descriptions

Pilates at Core Wisdom BoulderPilates at Core Wisdom Boulder

Pilates Reformer

Partner Yoga at Core WisdomPilates at Core Wisdom Boulder

Pilates Table/Cadillac

Pilates at Core Wisdom Boulder

Low Chair Classes

Pilates at Core Wisdom Boulder

Pilates Mat Classes

Joseph Pilates intended that we start with the equipment work as it gives the most support and feedback. Mat work has the least amount of support and can be very challenging for those with back and neck pain. We encourage all students to start with a few private sessions as this is the best way for us to help guide you to the appropriate class and for us to get to know your body so we can best support you in the classes you attend. We can accommodate injury and those with pain in classes but is best for us to know your body and its limits prior to class.

We do not level our classes because our instructors have the skill to support those who are in pain while challenging those who are ready to up their movements.

In the Pilates work one usually begins with the Pilates equipment (Reformer and Table).

This is because the equipment has built in support and feedback for the body. Many of us begin with less awareness of the subtle work our bodies are capable of and the equipment allows us to find the depth and structural strength needed to properly perform the Pilates exercises. Although the Pilates Mat work doesn’t have built in support we can modify exercises and use pillows, blankets and bands to add more support and provide for more feedback. Because every body is so different we keep our classes small so each person has specific movements and guidance for their specific needs. Classes are limited to between 3 and 6 students large.
Pilates Reformer work builds strength, power and balance. It also increases range of motion and flexibility. Joseph Pilates would say the individual will “reform” one’s body doing his exercises. Reformer classes are limited to 3 students and are 55 minutes in length.
Long lean muscles are gained through Pilates Cadillac/Table work. Core strength and flexibility are increased without increasing muscle mass. Get a true sense of equal and opposite forces while building serious core through table work. Table classes are limited to 4 students and are 55 minutes in length.
Kick it up a notch with the Pilates Low Chair. The Low Chair will challenge one’s balance and core to the extreme. If one feels like they have plateaued in their training, this piece will take them to the next step. There is no part of you that will not get a workout on the Pilates Low Chair. Low Chair classes are limited to 5 students and are 55 minutes in length.
Pilates Mat work is the hardest of all! There is no built in support for the body in Pilates Mat work like there is on the equipment. Core! Core! Core! Mat work is hugely focused on Core. However, as in all Pilates exercises, there is a balance between strength and flexibility. Mat classes are limited to 6 students and are 55 minutes in length.
Open Studio classes are classes designed for you to be able to do your specific program of Pilates exercises. Everyone moves at their own pace, doing their progression of exercises moving from piece to piece of equipment as needed. An instructor is there to guide you and make sure you are safe but this is your chance to own your program and go as you please.