Pilates a Perfect Match for Golfers


Joseph Pilates would say:
“You’re only as old as your spine is inflexible” .

Spinal alignment is vital to proper swing mechanics, since the spine coils and uncoils 100-130 times in one direction over an average 4-hour game (Horowitz 1999).

Pilates focuses on core strength resulting in spinal stability and mobility. It also balances flexibility and strength (upper body to lower body, right to left sides, and front to back sides). Pilates also increases balance. Pilates is a great conditioning tool for those who play golf. Pilates is a mind-body system that can improve a player’s golf swing and help prevent the types of injuries that plague both amateurs and professional golfers alike.

Golfers who have regularly participated in a Pilates program have knocked several strokes off their game, improved flexibility in their shoulders and hips and strengthened their lower back and abdominal muscles. They notice a big difference in their body and they can drive the ball farther. When you learn how to move your body properly and use your core strength to drive the ball, the results speak for themselves.

60% of all amateur golfers experience injuries playing the game (Horowitz 1999). It’s never too late in life to begin a Pilates regimen and no experience is necessary. Pilates can be tailored to not only to your level of fitness but to the issues you experience on the course.

Core Wisdom is gearing up for the golf season by offering a Pilates for Golfers workshop. We will work to identify and correct your golf swing. We will look for “S” Posture or "C” Posture in your address to the ball; the loss of posture during your swing; Over-the-top; Backswing sway; Slide; Reverse spine angle or hanging back; Casting/Early release/Scooping; and Chicken winging. We will then go through exercises and stretches to address each issue.

Tiger Woods, Rocco Mediare, Phil Mickelson, Carin Coch, Annika Sorenstan, Camilo Vilegas, Richard Beem, Butch Harmon, Betsy King, David Duval, Kelli Kuehne all have said that they do Pilates. Join the pro’s and be the best you can be at your game.

Call for dates on the next Pilates for Golfers workshop 303-507-5934.