March Matness

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Friday, March 1

The Hundred

Called “The Hundred” because you do 100 counts of the exercise. There are many variations to meet your body where it is at this time. We will list photos from mildest to hardest. Remember that integrity is key and if you have to sacrifice form there is no need to do the exercise. Pick a position that best suits you. There is no shame in doing an easier version to acquire proper form. This is a warm up exercise. You are building heat and pumping blood through the system in this exercise. The upper body is curled up to engage the upper abdominals. The legs are lifted to engage the lower core. The arms pump to help get the blood moving while the deep breathing helps to oxygenate the blood. The breath is paramount in The Hundred. Ideally, you breathe in for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts while pumping the arms. Stop before you lose form or feel any pain. Eyes should be looking at the level of the toes if the legs are straight and low or mid thigh in any other position. Do not look up at the ceiling! You can always do a few rounds of breathing, rest and pick back up. You can build your way up to 10 rounds of breathing in for 5 and out for 5. Form first, though.
Saturday, March 2

The Roll Up
This looks like a straight leg sit up. However, we try to roll up “one vertebra at at time”. No momentum here! Bending the knees helps us have more success in rolling up sequentially through the spine. If you have any back pain, bend your knees! You can hook your feet under something or place weights at your ankles to help hold the legs down (even with straight legs you may want this). If you have a theraband, this can also help you have integrity with the quality of your rolling up and down. You will begin lying on your back, knees bent or legs straight with the arms over head. Inhale and begin to curl forward, continuing to roll up as if reaching for the toes. Remember to bring the eyes in line with the toes to keep the head from trailing behind you. Inhale to begin rolling down, exhaling to finish lying on the back with the arms again over head. The breathing goes like this: inahling to start curling up exhaling to finish rolling up; inhaling to begin rolling down and exhaling to finish. Exhale through the tough spots. You can “pant” through it to really work on the tighter spots in the spine. You can try to get closer and closer to touching the toes each time you roll up. Repeat 8 times. Of course, stop before you lose form.
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