History of Pilates

Joseph Pilates
Pilates is a regimen of movement that was once called “Contrology”.

Joseph Pilates designed a system of exercises demonstrating control, concentration, deep breathing, precision, fluidity, and centering. Many of the movements resemble yoga, martial arts and gymnastics. His system starts very basic with small movements to allow one to gain a deep understanding of their body, how to use it efficiently and how to move fundamentally correct. From there, the exercises build from the core out to the limbs in a very sequential way for strength and flexibility to be available to you before learning the next level of exercises.

Pilates, in one word, is CORE!

Pilates builds strength from the inside out, from the deepest layers of musculature to the larger muscle groups. Structural strength is where it begins, supporting the joints and the structural framework of the body, the spine and pelvis. Strength is limited by flexibility, therefore Pilates seeks to balance strength and flexibility to provide for efficient movement. Pilates is not just an exercise system, it is a lifestyle. It can be incorporated into all your daily chores, activities and sports. Through Pilates an individual can realign, repattern, educate and balance their body. At the end of each session one feels refreshed, invigorated, and energized.

One can rehabilitate from all kinds of injuries through Pilates. Whether one is rehabilitating from a motor vehicle accident, surgery or dealing with chronic pain, Pilates can help. Rehabilitative Pilates doesn’t look like what you see on infomercials. It is very gentle and very specific.

No matter if one is recovering from an injury, training for a race, or wanting to get back into shape, Pilates can be the method to help you achieve your goals. There are over 500 exercises in Pilates and each one can be modified or advanced to fit the needs of each student. Core Wisdom’s classes are small, 4-6 students per class. This insures integrity and provides everyone with individual attention. Pilates utilizes a variety of apparatus including: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Table, and Low Chair. The equipment uses springs and straps to create various levels of support and resistance. Equipment work is best when beginning due to its ability to support correct form, give feedback and maximize the best results for the body.

Curious? We offer a 30 minute Discovery Session for you to try Pilates out for yourself.