Benefits of Pilates

“The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy.”Joseph Pilates
Improves posture. Pilates brings awareness to our structure which allows us to know where our bodies are in space giving us the feedback we need to improve our posture.

Increases flexibility. Pilates places an emphasis on keeping you just as flexible as you are strong. Every exercise has a strength and a stretch component.

Gain a strong core which supports your back. Pilates focuses on deep core strength in every exercise. Your core is very much the basis of support for your spine and is the starting point of strength and awareness in Pilates.

Increase stamina. You will build a deep sense of knowing of your body and have mental control over your movements. And while you are building strength you will also be building your stamina.

Improves balance. Pilates builds a foundation of strength that helps improve your balance.

Long lean muscles. Pilates focuses on not only building strength while contracting a muscle but also having strength and control while lengthening a muscle which results in long lean muscles.

Prevent injuries. Having a stronger core and overall body with balanced flexibility and increased awareness of your body you limit your chances of experiencing injuries.

Enhance mental awareness. There are many things to think about and control while doing Pilates. Your mental awareness is bound to improve.