Kim Robins

As a certified Pilates instructor and massage therapist, Kim Robins has been teaching Pilates since 1995. She was certified under Master Teacher, Romana Kruzanoska, through The Pilates Studio and later obtained a second certification through The Pilates Center in Boulder.  What Kim loves most about sharing Pilates with others is educating individuals about their bodies and supporting them in reaching their goals. A hands on teacher, Kim keeps her classes small so integrity doesn’t get lost. A visual learner she shows clients, through anatomy books or pictures, what it is they are wanting to access.

“Pilates is subtle. It is my goal to have clients feel the depth of Pilates and provide clients with the tools to carry it through all facets of one’s life. I have worked with amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those beginning their journey to wellness. I have also seen the rehabilitative power of Pilates. I have worked extensively with motor vehicle accident clients, pre and post surgery clients and chronic pain clients. My unwavering belief in the powers of the Pilates Method provide for great results no matter where one’s Pilates journey starts.”

A Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Kim graduated from Healing Spirits Massage School in Boulder, Colorado in 2002. Her work focuses on supporting the body’s structural framework to enable efficient movement in one’s daily life. She incorporates many modalities (Swedish, deep tissue, lymph drainage therapy, to name a few) to address specific injuries or areas of discomfort during a session. Kim uses only natural lotions and oils in her bodywork sessions.

“I have seen the amazing partnership between Pilates and massage. There is value in receiving Pilates instruction and massage treatment from the same therapist. I am able to see the movement tendencies of one’s body during the Pilates session and address them on the massage table. I am able to feel tissue restrictions on the table and guide one’s movement sessions to better support one’s body.”

Kim has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Tias Little and Prajna yoga. Her yoga classes focus on alignment and proper muscle use to support each pose.