Pilates for Cyclists

Ride smoother, pedal longer and avoid injury. Pilates for cyclists boosts core strength, flexibility and muscle balance.
You need a strong core to achieve pedal power and efficiency. Core strength provides pelvic stability and allows the legs to generate force. If your core is weak, you will be less stable and the power from your legs will be absorbed by your back not your core.
By increasing your flexibility and balancing your muscles (right to left and front to back) you will minimize energy expenditure, you will be less prone to injury and you will experience a more comfortable ride. Pilates can also help you maintain a low aerodynamic position.
In this 4 week workshop you will learn specific Pilates exercises to support your body on and off the bike.
This workshop will take place at the Sports Garage (2705 Spruce St, Boulder) every Saturday in February from 8:30am-9:30am. Only 10 spaces are available!
Cost is $40 for the 4 weeks.
There are no make up classes for this workshop.
Please bring a mat and wear clothes you can move in freely. All other props will be provided.
If you have any injuries please contact Kim before signing up. Kim can be reached at kim@corewisdom.org or by calling 303-507-5934.
Here is a great article by Wade Wallace on the benefits cyclists get from Pilates. http://cyclingtips.com.au/2009/11/pilates-for-cycling/