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Build Your Pilates Repertoire With 3 One-on-One Sessions

- Create an action plan to address your specific goals or injuries

- Be given exercises you can do at home or on the road

- You don’t need to be a dancer to do Pilates or even a woman for that matter. Pilates is a movement system that focuses on balance. Balancing your strength and flexibility, your top and bottom, your front and back and your right and left sides. Pilates builds structural strength for improved posture, increased postural strength, efficient use of your muscles, increased flexibility and mobility and boosted energy.

- The Pilates equipment uses springs for resistance. The springs let you know how in control you are of your movement, they provide strength where you are weak and they assist you in stretching. You can’t get that pushing weights. The feedback from the Pilates equipment is unparalleled. The equipment work is where one starts when doing Pilates. It is important to work within your range and gain control of your body before doing the Pilates Mat work.

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I’ve had clients start Pilates because they couldn’t turn their head to back out of the driveway, because they couldn’t touch their toes, to improve their golf swing and drive the ball further, to rehabilitate a knee from a ski injury, build their core after pregnancy and to get moving again after years of doing nothing. There isn’t anything or anyone Pilates can’t help.

Kim Robins
Kim Robins Founder, Core Wisdom